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Work it out
The Art Museum of Modern Art Aalborg has great success with their exhibition “Work it out”, which focuses on the working life of the future. “Work it Out” won the Bikuben Foundation’s exhibition award, Vision 2018, for an exhibition idea that thematizes a highly topical topic, and at the same time rethinks the role of art and the art museum in relation to society.

In the Exhibition you will find ”Build your Dream Job” which is a dissemination zone, where Linde+Larsen has delivered 6 different foam shapes. With the 6 different foam shapes, visitors can build their dream job.

Mette Boel from the Art Museum of Modern Art Aalborg tells; “It’s a project we started many months ago, and I started by cutting into my daughter’s old foam base and creating the idea for the foam shapes. Build Your Dream Job was intended for children and young people who could express their dream job using their imagination and hands. But we must realize that more adults also think it’s fun to build their own dream job with the 6 different foam shapes that Linde+Larsen has delivered”.


The 6 foam shapes symbolize a specific type of job, a way of working or an interest.

The Art Museum of Modern Art Aalborg places great emphasis on the fact that there are no right or wrong ways to build your dream job, which is also reflected.

“Some children build their own dream job by making an airplane out of foam and in this way, they express that their dream job is to become a pilot. Other ”sculptures” are more abstract, but when you know the meaning of the foam, the message is quite clear. Among other things, I have seen children who have made a large sculpture with foam shapes, which symbolize technology and nature. Here, the message is as clear as with the airplane, and the imagination and hands have been given free,” says Mette Boel.

Work together
The collaboration between The Art Museum of Modern Art Aalborg and Linde+Larsen arose by network. The Art Museum of Modern Art Aalborg was recommended by several colleagues to use Linde+Larsen as a supplier of the foam forms.

I get so happy when we get inquiries via our large network, and especially when it is a task with edge, like this. With us, no task is too ordinary or uncommon. Our skilled development team can develop everything in foam for our customers”, says Thomas Søgaard, co-owner & sales director at Linde+Larsen, and adds; Personally, I think the idea of ​​being able to build your own dream job out of foam is a brilliant idea, and I understand why both children and adults love this dissemination zone”.

Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg has received 6 different foam forms from Linde+Larsen, but Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg order turned out to be a mistake.

Mette Boel from the Art Museum of Modern Art Aalborg tells; “When we had to order the foam, we ordered extra, because we expected that the foam would break and along the way could not be used for some of the large, beautiful sculptures that are being built. The exhibition has been running since September 24, 2021, and a lot of sculptures have been built, and we have not replaced a single foam shape. There is no doubt that Linde+Larsen delivers foam of the highest quality, and we have without a doubt chosen the right partner for this project. Many of our visitors wants to buy the foam and take it home. It reflects the great success of building your dream job communication zone and the great job that Linde+Larsen have delivered. We did not expect this inquiry and have therefore not decided on whether we choose to sell the foam molds when our exhibition ends on January 16, 2022.

You can read more about the exhibition here:


Mark Fontaine