Linde+Larsen is the leading manufacturer of long-term and short-term packaging solutions in Scandinavia.

We have more than 30 years of personal experience in converted foam for all types of interiors and other technical purposes.

Based on our experiences, we advise on materials and design of projects within any industry.

NordicFoam by Linde+Larsen is a part of Linde+Larsen where we primarily work with foam for technical solutions.


“We always produce in the highest quality, and our creative solutions are always delivered at a competitive level. We work to be the ones that others are looking for to find inspiration.

To show and tell more about who we are, we will in the future work with different partners who have the same requirements, values ​​and professionalism like us,” says Thomas Søgaard, co-owner and sales director at Linde+Larsen.

TheTravelBook – a green lifestyle and travel blog
Linde+Larsen uses the best materials and is constantly looking for better and more environmentally friendly foam products.

In recent months, Linde+Larsen has presented recycled and plant-based foams, in order to meet the markets and their own high demands to have the least possible impact on the environment.

Karoline and Rasmus are the young couple behind the travel blog TheTravelBook, who focus on sustainability and quality.

For the past 5 years, TheTravelBook has shared their everyday life on social media, and for the past 2.5 years, TheTravelBook has focused on a sustainable lifestyle, without compromising on luxury and great experiences. Especially on Instagram, TheTravelBook has great success, where +25,000 loyal followers are engrossed in the beautiful virtual universe and the good stories.

“TheTravelBook is a setup where the virtual of the story takes up a lot of space. Rasmus is a super talented photographer, which is clearly seen on their social media as well as their book ”Staycation in Denmark” or their posters. 

Like many other photographers, Rasmus has high quality and expensive equipment. Furthermore, their equipment is their way of life, and should therefore be protected by quality solutions. We have delivered 3 unique cases to TheTravelBook, so their equipment is always well protected on their travels and locations in Denmark and the rest of the world,” says Thomas.


Make the impossible possible
“For the past 5 years, we have tried many ​​different cases and solutions, but none of the solutions have lived up to our requirements.

Previously, we had 5 cases for our photo equipment, but because Linde+Larsen has managed to create unique solutions that optimize the space and use of the packaging for us, we can now have all our equipment in 3 cases. We never thought it was possible, and it is an advantage for us when we travel so much” says Rasmus from TheTravelBook and adds ”our new cases meet all our needs and at the same time Linde+Larsen made a nice design. 

We had never thought it was possible, and therefore we must state that Linde+Larsen has managed to make the impossible possible for us.”  


Quality and durability
Sustainability is a priority for Linde+Larsen, and the plant-based foam type, EcoFoam, has recently been presented.

EcoFoam is 100% environmentally friendly, it is biodegradable and compostable. EcoFoam can protect products and objects during transport like the traditional plastic packaging foam.

EcoFoam meets all standards for biodegradability in the soil and water-based environments.

Read more about this in our article, link at the bottom of the article.

The foam used in the unique cases for TheTravelBook is the purest cross-linked PE foam on the market, Plastazote®, and is produced by the European manufacturer Zotefoams based in England.

Their foam for the European market is produced in Europe, thus minimizing CO2 emissions from the transport of materials to a minimum.

The foam is nitrogen blown, a gas which primarily consists of air and which is colorless, tasteless, and not least odorless, and therefore has a property that is described as inactive.

Unlike foam products from other foam producers that can emit odors or possibly corrode items that are inside the foam, Plastazote® does not emit anything.

And Plastazote® foam has high technical properties in terms of tensile and compressive strength which makes it the leading product in the world.

Plastazote® is available in different densities, colors, structures, and is used in all segments.

Contact us for more information.

“We have a strong focus on sustainability and our climate footprint, which is why our attention is on recyclable, recycled and plant-based foam products.

We suggest the solutions that provide the most optimal function and with the least possible climate footprint for our customers.

But we must remember in the calculation, that the materials we protect also have a value and also have had a climate footprint.

These products must be protected so that they do not break during transport and thus do not have to be replaced by a new product which will give an unnecessary additional impact on the climate.

Therefore, we must also compromise sometimes and use products that have a larger climate footprint than others, as the overall result and risk speak to itself.

Therefore, quality and durability are an equally important point to talk about in this context.

TheTravelBook also focuses on quality, and our cases with unique foam devices are always of the highest quality and with a durability beyond the usual,” says Thomas.

“When we met with Linde+Larsen and were presented with their selection, we agreed to use Plastazote® instead of a solution in a recycled foam product.

Our need for protection of our equipment could be met much better with the cross-linked PE foam Plastazote®.

For us, the quality and durability of our things are as important as sustainability. With the use of quality products such as Linde+Larsens, our equipment can last a lifetime, and we avoid burdening the environment by changing cases and foam.

Our equipment is high on price and has left a much larger climate footprint than the foam, and if this is destroyed, then overall it will mean a larger footprint, what we want as small as possible.

Also our work depends on our equipment, and that it arrives safe to place, so the quality of the packaging is a MUST for us.

That is why we chose a better and more durable material in our interior and wish to work with Linde+Larsen” tells Rasmus.


The future
Linde+Larsen continues their green journey by searching the market for recycled, recyclable, and natural materials where it makes sense.

Linde+Larsen expects to be able to present several new environmentally friendly foam types this year.

”In the future, if we need to replace something of our equipment or produce more cases, we look forward to see how far Linde+Larsen has come on the green journey and if it is made possible to make the same high-quality foam from plant-based foam type instead of plastic as it does today,” concludes Rasmus.

In conclusion, Thomas says “We know that TheTravelBook will be happy with the solutions we have chosen together. We hope that this is the start of a long collaboration, where we as a company will learn much more about the green lifestyle and the responsibility, we all must take part in.

We cannot avoid the climate pressure, but we can do everything to reduce it.


For further questions or comments contact Thomas Søgaard, co-owner & sales director at Linde+Larsen email: phone: +45 3140 1467

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